For conscientious employees, team leaders and managers:

You are hard workers who pride yourself on doing the best job you can.  You WANT to be successful in your role.  You take care of your customers, you take care of business tasks, you take care of your team and you do it well.

The workplace can be a stressful environment, full of constant demands on your time, your resources and your skills.  This can stretch you to the max and leave with you little space to breathe, much less think about anything else.

When do you get time to take care of YOU?  How do you ensure that you are in top form to be able to do your job?  What is stress doing to you and how are you managing it?  In your workplace, what uses up the most energy and leaves you most depleted?  What energises you and keeps you going?  How do you determine what will maintain or improve your effectiveness in the workplace?

Introducing Cynosure Support Services Mentoring for Well-being program, which is designed to provide you with regular opportunities to step out of your work situation and take stock.

Imagine a confidential, safe space where you can:
  • Say what you really think about your work situation and your own well-being
  • Honestly evaluate your approaches to employment tasks and work relationships
  • Develop strategies for handling conflict effectively
  • Explore ways to increase the value of your contribution within your team and your organisation
  • Understand your strengths and limitations, your personality preferences and temperament and apply this knowledge to your work practices
  • Identify ways to reduce and manage the stress of your role so that it doesn’t spill over to your loved ones outside of work
  • Work out ways to keep doing the things you love and to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Enhance your professionalism and your confidence in your skills, abilities and experience

The quality of your work depends on your personal well-being, your ability to reflect upon your practices, and your capacity to adapt to changing circumstances.  Let Cynosure Support Services mentor you to continue to be the best you can be and to keep doing a great job!