The line between counselling and mentoring is a fine one. The main difference between the two is that counselling focusses on supporting you through an experience of distress. Mentoring, however, is more about developing and maintaining your self-awareness and providing a regular space to step back and look at how your life is going.
Absolutely! Nothing discussed in mentoring sessions will be disclosed to outside parties without your awareness or consent. Of course, should safety be compromised or if disclosure is legally required (e.g. by warrant or subpoena), confidentially may be broken.
The focus of mentoring sessions at Cynosure Support Services is the maintenance of your personal or professional well-being. It can include issues surrounding your physical or mental health, your relationships, your workplace, your spirituality... The mentoring space is YOUR space and you determine the agenda for each session. Mentoring can provide a safe space to look at whatever you do not have the freedom to look at anywhere else.
That is totally up to you. However, the mentoring relationship takes time to establish. It is a good idea to re-assess your mentoring experience every 5-6 sessions to determine its usefulness.
For mentoring to be effective, regular meetings are necessary. Some people like to schedule monthly mentoring sessions, others every 6 weeks, or bi-monthly. The frequency is negotiable. However, keep in mind that the longer there is between sessions, the more difficult it can be to decide on the focus for a session.
To ensure confidentiality and privacy, most mentoring sessions are conducted at the premises Cynosure Support Services uses for counselling. However, this can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and depends on where you feel most comfortable. Video-conferencing is available as an alternative to face-to-face meetings, although it is recommended that the first meeting is face-to-face.
Mentoring tends to be scheduled 1 hour at a time and is charged at an hourly rate. Contact Cynosure Support Services for current rates and to see what package discounts are available.
For office-based or online appointments, click here to schedule your first appointment. Contact Cynosure Support Services here to request an alternative mentoring location.