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7 important considerations in giving effective feedback

Does the term “feedback” make you automatically cringe and expect the worst?

Do you feel like the bearer of bad news whenever you have to give feedback to someone in a personal or professional context?

Do you regularly get a negative response to feedback you provide?

Giving effective feedback is an art form that will vary from situation and from relationship to relationship.  Yet there are some common factors that can turn feedback from a conflict-producing event to a relationship-enhancing activity

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ATTENTION: Your buried emotions are surfacing!

A while back I was in the middle of a fairly stressful period.  A friend had friendshipnoticed that I wasn’t handling myself well and gave me some honest feedback that hit a raw nerve, reflecting some behaviours that I didn’t realise I was doing and some negative changes that had emerged in me over a period of time, as well as a tentatively naming some difficult emotions that seemed to be in the mix.

It was hard to hear.

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5 Dimensions of well-being: Caring for your whole self

Self-careToo often we ignore our own self-care, preferring to push through pain, illness, and feeling less than our best with a casual “I’m fine” attitude.  This deliberate ignorance comes at a cost and can lead to major breakdown.  Learning to pay attention to all aspects of lived experience can help you recognise not just when you are not doing well but also the elements and strategies that contribute to the recovery and maintenance of your best self. 

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Dealing with the post-Christmas blues

Photo credit: Noah Dibley via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Now that the presents have been unwrapped, the Christmas fare has been reduced to left-overs, the clean-up has happened, the visitors have left and the visiting is over, what are you noticing?

If you’re anything like me, you might be feeling a bit… flat.  All that build up and preparation for an event that seems to pass by in a couple of days and suddenly life returns to regular routine. Why?

I call this flatness the inevitable post-event slump and it is more common that you might think.

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Do you know what employers really want from a job application?

Job applications are hard work to put together well!  The process is filled with expectations on both sides.  Have you ever wondered how an employer decides who makes it to an interview?
Photo via Unsplash via

Photo via Unsplash via

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