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5 things to do when you’re waiting for change to happen

waiting for changeWaiting for change?   Or waiting because a change has happened and you can’t yet see your next step?

I left my first job due to burn-out and had a few months of waiting before my next step became clear. That waiting time was hard as I wasn’t sure how I was going to make ends meet. In addition, the circumstances around my burn-out had shattered my confidence in my employability. The waiting was part of my recovery.

Here are some things that helped me through this time.

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Don’t leave me lonely!


If feeling connected is one of the highest of human experiences, loneliness is one of the lowest. Deliberate isolation is one of the worst forms of torture and can cause people to become mentally unhinged. Loneliness is not what we are designed for and yet it is becoming an increasingly common experience.

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Spot the hidden immigrant!

hidden immigrant

A hidden immigrant is naturally not easy to identify.

I met a man the other day who disclosed that he spent a significant portion of his childhood outside of Australia. I would never have known as he seemed just like any other middle-aged man…

Like unintentional chameleons, hidden immigrants blend into their cultural landscape appearing to be the same as everyone around them. But they are not! What makes them different? And why is it important to be aware that they are around?

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Did you know that local context influences identity and sense of well-being? Your sense of connection to your community of residence can make a big difference to your lived experience and sense of wellness.

So what does it take to become a local?

Having moved many times as a child and an adult, I understand that this question is not easily answered. The transition from outsider to local is rarely smooth or rapid.  There is a dance between time spent in, participation in and knowledge of a community that contributes to both the feeling of being a local and the sense of being accepted as a local.

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How strong are your connections?

Belonging is a powerful aspect of human existence.

Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist best known for his hierarchy of human needs, concluded that love and the sense of belonging become the highest priority after basic survival needs have been met.   He argued that a fulfilling life is impossible to achieve without meaningful relationships.

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