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Do you know how to reduce your stress levels and improve your quality of life?

Stress management

Reducing stress seems to be such a buzzword these days. Some people believe that we are living in a more stressful age than in previous generations. Whether this is true or not, we all live with stress on a daily basis. But we don’t always recognise it for what it is or know how to work with it effectively.

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Are you being too hard on yourself? Rewriting the stories you tell yourself


Your self-talk is a powerful tool.

It can affect your perspective of yourself and your motivation to act. Furthermore it can influence how others see and react to you.  Sometimes it can control your reactions by telling you that you or the world is a particular way.

No, it does not mean that you are going crazy! Everyone experiences self-talk. Some are just more aware of it than others.

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Strengths that you seriously undervalue and you probably don’t even see in yourself

Strengths are not just for superheroes

When you think about personal strength, what do you see? Someone with bulging muscles, brimming with confidence, quick of wit and action? A superhero with exceptional powers to act in extraordinary ways?

Sometimes a person’s strength really IS that obvious. And the comparison can make you feel small, like you have nothing to offer.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

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Are you grieving and don’t know it?

Grieving loss

Most people think that grieving is about the death of a loved one. Did you know that grief can show up elsewhere in your life?

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Do you feel all at sea?

5 strategies for navigating life transition

Are you living the life you want or are you feeling lost, uncertain and aimless?

Do you have passion and drive for the life you have or are you feeling flat, bored and unmotivated?

Have you recently reached the end of a project or stage of life and find yourself asking, “Now what?”

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