Neville Starrick, Director of Cynosure Support Services

Neville is no stranger to change. His career spans the fields of education, human resource administration, employment support and counselling across a variety of local and international contexts. He finds great satisfaction in using his knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to define their direction and to gain the confidence to make their dreams a reality.

When he is not working, Neville enjoys keeping fit, making music, bush-walking, travelling, cooking, reflective and creative writing, quality fiction and connecting with family and friends.

cynosure: noun

  1. something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc.
  2. something serving for guidance or direction.


Cynosure Support Services is for every-day people like you who are considering or facing significant personal or career change, or who just want to handle life better.  You are the focus of attention and it is your brilliance, value, passion and strengths that we seek to uncover as we work together.

We do this through negotiating a wrap-around personalised service that can incorporate counselling, career support and mentoring for well-being.  This service can provide, among other things, the space to:

  • Explore your past and current experiences, your responses, your hopes and dreams, and the challenges that confront you;
  • Identify the strengths, strategies and beliefs that support your well-being and effectiveness;
  • Map out the future that you would prefer and the steps that may get you there;
  • Develop practical skills to support your journey, such as effective communication, resume development and self-awareness.

Cynosure Support Services can help you review your performance, reinvent your career, re-ignite your life.  Contact us to find out how!