Counselling and coaching can help you

Redefine your thinking

Navigating a successful transition requires a mindset that is open to the possibility of change.  Identifying and replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones is a necessary foundation for this to happen.  Sometimes those patterns (or their alternatives) are hard to spot!  Counselling and coaching can help you sort out your thinking so you are building your future on a good foundation.

Reconnect with your dreams

Being able to imagine and visualise your future is critical in finding a way out of being stuck. If you can’t imagine it, it’s unlikely that you will find the motivation to make it happen.  Dreams from the past can give you clues as to what you would like in your future…

Recover your confidence

Sometimes the path to your future requires looking back at the past.  How did you get to this place?  What helped you to make it this far?  You may have forgotten your strengths, your accomplishments your values in the middle of your current transition.  You are more resourceful and more successful than you know.  And sometimes you’re too close to your life to see it.

Rewrite your story

The stories we tell ourselves (and others) shape the way we expect our future to appear.  In the middle of a big life change, it can be very easy to focus on life’s difficulties, challenges and hardships.  Developing an alternative story that celebrates your achievements, strengths and values can put these hardships into perspective.

Reignite your life!

When you’ve been stuck for a while in a transition that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the temptation is to give up.  Noticing the small movements and wins can build momentum and motivation to keep working towards the future you want.

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