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Review Your Performance

You are a hard worker who prides yourself on doing the best job you can.  You take care of your customers, you take care of business tasks, you take care of your team and you do it well!  When do you get time to take care of YOU?  We provide a confidential space for you to take a look at what’s working, what could be better, and how to manage yourself for the long haul.

Reinvent Your Career

Whether you’re looking for a change of direction in your career, returning to the workforce after an absence, facing a redundancy or an unexpected turn of circumstances that has resulted in the need for a new job, Cynosure Support Services is here to assist you.

Re-ignite Your Life

Sometimes life throws curveballs that catch you by surprise and can challenge you to the point of overwhelm. Whether it’s a change in your health, your relationships, your work or your environment, your world is rocked and you may find yourself suddenly feeling like you’re not coping. Our counselling service can help.

Contact Cynosure Support Services for a complimentary and confidential discussion of how we might work together to help you review your performance, reinvent your career, re-ignite your life.